Would you like to skillfully manage your energy and do more of what you love?
Do you want support in understanding and improving romantic relationships?
Are you committed to living a life of personal exploration and growth?

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Find support with:

  • Discovering what enlivens and inspires you

  • Exploring your own unique sense of spirituality

  • Creating healthy boundaries

  • Making difficult decisions

  • Working with grief, loss, and transition

  • Developing loving relationships with your family, friends, partner, and yourself

An hour a week with the most important person in your world: you.

Life can be tricky and beautiful and painful and fun--sometimes all in the same day. Together, we will spend time exploring your experiences and collaborating to support your growth and aliveness. One of my goals is to help you listen for the still, quiet voice within you. It's easy to get distracted from or even forget about this place of innate wisdom. Regular therapy gives you time and space to remember.

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My approach

is warm, humorous, and non-judgmental. I focus on mindfulness, body awareness and attunement, and helping you develop a sense of deep care for yourself and your life. You'll be supported with a variety of tools to assist you in developing conscious relationships with your loved ones and yourself. Depending on what works for you, these may include meditation, guided imagery, Gestalt practices, working with dreams, writing, and creating art.

Unique support for unique identities:

  • Women

  • LGBTQ community

  • Adult children of alcoholics

  • People living with chronic or challenging health conditions

  • People working with social justice issues, including: racism, sexism, heterosexism, classism, and ableism

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