Read what others are saying about me and my work:

"There's something truly amazing about sitting with Lauren. She is strong and solid while at the same time being soft and caring...  My sense is that she genuinely, authentically, wanted to support me in being the most me I could be, without judgement or agenda; to help me figure that out and then get me there. My work with Lauren left me feeling more in touch with and trusting of my own wisdom."

Tullie B.
San Francisco, CA

"Lauren is one of the kindest, most compassionate, wise therapists I've met. She has a way of being that's inherently healing and I always feel uplifted and grounded after being with her."

Annie W.
Berkeley, CA

"Lauren has a knack for helping people re-imagine and deepen the relationships that are important to them. Whether that's healing childhood wounds, practicing your assertiveness, or learning to set healthy boundaries, Lauren's presence, care, and compassion are unwavering. She helps you go inside to find your truth and works with you to create lasting change. It is very empowering to have Lauren by your side helping you to trust your own wisdom."

Jessica W.
San Francisco, CA

"I found her to be an incredibly generous and attentive listener, always seeking to help others uncover the most salient heart of their matter. To top it off, she is also exceedingly warm and light of spirit, which lends her insights a gentleness that can be very reassuring when practicing with the ups and down of each new day."

Jeff M.
Oakland, CA

"She is clear and direct and she really knows how to get to the heart of the problem.  She is warm, relatable, and a joy to be around."

J. T.
Oakland, CA

"Lauren has a gift of really being present and aware of your energy and your needs. She has a calming, grounded demeanor that puts me at ease and I absolutely trust her knowledge and insight."

Erica E.
San Francisco, CA

"Lauren is fantastic couples counselor! She is warm, authentic and present. She helps couples work out their problems effectively in the room and see their core wounds to understand how they play into our romantic relationship.  This is so helpful in moving into a positive cycle together.  As a gay man, I feel comfortable with Lauren and was glad to hear about her passion for working with queer couples."

B. H.
San Francisco, CA

"Lauren is an extremely skilled and attuned therapist.  She approaches her work with curiosity, warmth, compassion and grace. "

San Francisco, CA

"Lauren has a warmth and confidence that generates a remarkable sense of safety when you are in her presence. As a colleague I can speak to the professionalism, intelligence, and grace she brings to her work. Her ability to listen, empathize, and provide insight is truly a gift to both clients and colleagues alike, not to mention her delightful sense of humor."

Ryan K.
San Francisco, CA

"I am continuously amazed by how much knowledge and appreciation she has for her work. Any chance I get I refer couples to Lauren because I know that they will be with such a skilled couples therapist who brings compassion, humor, and presence to each session. "

Jerrica D.
Oakland, CA

"If you are looking for a couple's therapist Lauren is the one! As a fellow therapist, I appreciate her wisdom, enthusiasm and her big kind heart."

Ephrat S.
San Francisco, CA

"Lauren is absolutely one of the most dedicated and giving people I've ever known. She is the supreme nurturer, but also subtly fierce, able to speak her truth, and own her imperfections.These qualities make Lauren trustworthy, fully human, and an excellent choice for a therapist."

Rachel B.
Berkeley, CA

"She brings passion, warmth and humor to her work and I have witnessed the benefits her work brings to her clients and colleagues. I recommend Lauren to anyone who seeks a caring presence in their lives, support and genuine care. Lauren also has exceptional experience working with couples, and an inherent gift to hold space for others and share wisdom and truth."

Itai N.
Oakland, CA

"With her warm presence and uncanny ability to empathize, she is someone who helped me feel safe and cared for from the start.  I felt comfortable around her immediately, as if I was talking with an old friend." 

April S.
Berkeley, CA

"Lauren is an extremely skilled psychotherapist with a warm, insightful presence you can feel the second you meet her. She's also an outstanding couples therapist, using a gentle approach to helping couples heal old arguments and move toward better communication and improved friendship. "

Alicia N.
Oakland, CA

"As a fellow Couple's Therapist, I've had the opportunity to witness Lauren's wise and accomplished therapeutic skills first-hand during the Imago Relationship 6-month clinical training intensive we did together. I have found that Lauren is empathetic, smart, attuned, and a great person to have on your team if you're wanting to strengthen your relationship."

Gina L.
Rancho Mirage, CA

These testimonials were gathered from my business page. In order to protect confidentiality, I do not recommend that past or present clients write reviews. It is unethical for therapists to solicit testimonials from clients, though I do welcome reviews from colleagues with whom I've worked in the past.