The Exquisite Journey: An Online Chronic Illness Support Group for Women in California

Are you a woman in California living with the challenges and joys of chronic illness? Would you like to connect with other women who are going through similar experiences?

The Exquisite Journey is an online therapeutic support group for women living with ongoing medical conditions. Because managing the ups and downs of chronic illness can be discouraging and isolating, this is an opportunity to gather with other women who understand. It can be empowering and liberating to discover new sources of strength and power within ourselves amidst the difficulty.

Through weekly check-ins, support, laughter, reflection, mindfulness, and skill-building, our journeys will intersect as we discover new ways to live exquisitely, mindfully, and with intention while managing the realities of chronic illness. You are not alone in this - and there are other awesome women waiting to connect with you.

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